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Dear Basketball Parents,

CONGRATULATIONS!! We would like to congratulate you for your son’s selection to the Chosen 1 Generation Basketball Team. We are very excited to have you and your child be a part of our program. Over the years, we have experienced great success with both our boys’ teams, and we are happy to welcome you into our family and community.

We have every intention to help your son become a better basketball player, a better student and – most of all – a better person. We intend to continue to build that relationship between Chosen 1 Generation and your entire family not only through your son’s season with us, but also beyond graduation and into college.

In exchange for our commitment to bettering your son, we hope to have your support for our program. That support comes in various forms:

  • Presence – we need you to be loud as you show support for the Eagles during both home and away games
  • Volunteering – it takes a lot of time and patience to run a team, so we are request each team have a team manager and organize the banquets to name a few. We ask that you help volunteer your time during these events to ensure our program runs as smoothly as possible
  • Financially – much of which is discussed throughout the rest of this packet

All in all, our goal is the same as yours: we want to see your son continue to develop and be successful. Everything we do in this program – practice, community service, academics – is with the intention to improve the quality of teams, both as a whole and the individuals involved.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the season, please first contact your son’s respective coach. You can also email either one of us. Our staff would also be happy to assist you. Please refer to the C1G Contact List for coach and board information. We are looking forward to a great season on and off the court, and we’re thrilled that you are going to be a part of the family! GO C1G!!

Thank you,


Coach A


Adrienne Ballard

President & CEO

Chosen 1 Generation, LLC

O: (804) 621-2108

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Adrienne Ballard


Phone: 804-621-2108